What is HypnoBirthing? | Tiffany Farley

What is HypnoBirthing?

June 21, 2019

Hypnobirthing and Home Birth on The Confident Momcast

What exactly is HypnoBirthing? Is it really weird? Does it help? These are the kind of questions I ask Kathleen Clipper, mom of two, in our conversation on this episode of The Confident Momcast. Kathleen delivered her first baby in a hospital, and after an emergency forceps delivery, she really wanted a different experience in delivering her second. She shares the lessons about birth she learned, how she prepared for a home birth and why it was a good fit for her, and how hypnobirthing was a powerful tool in helping her to have a fear-free birth.

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What is HypnoBirthing on The Confident Momcast with Tiffany Farley

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