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In the past 6 years, I have worked one-on-one with over 50 photographers in my personal mentoring program. These photographers ranged from brand new in business, to well seasoned in their career. Ultimately, there was always one theme that resounded in every single session.

The need of finding your focus. 

For the first time ever, I have released the most coveted topics of business & branding conversations that have taken place in that kind of 1-1 coaching- now available in a unique online course. I'm sharing my secrets of success, and the lessons I've learned so that you can build a business that truly serves your life, and not the other way around! 

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Finding your Focus is My online course for photographers

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A favorite part of my client experience is my start to finish session planning guide that I have printed and sent to clients in their welcome box. It details absolutely everything they need to know about planning for their session with me- and even how to order their collection. 

This guide is now available as a fully customizable template- and one of the best parts? I have included MOST of my own written content. Not sure the best way to describe what to expect? Need a session checklist to give clients? Want to give your clients the same tips that I give mine?
Well now you can! 

I have included my own written content for the welcome and introduction, frequently asked client questions, why working with a professional hair and makeup artist is important, a suggested client checklist for their session, what to wear for maternity and newborn sessions, my top tips on how to have a successful session experience, as well as an introduction to the products I offer. Placeholder content is included for your ordering process, product descriptions, and pricing. 

This guide is an InDesign template sized to be 8x8, and is 50 pages in length.  Every word, font, color, and layout can be customized to fit your brand and business- and your purchase includes a 50 minute tutorial video- where I walk you through how to use this template step by step- from opening the file, an overview of the content, how to make your changes and upload your own images, and even how to export and upload for printing. 

 Level up your client experience in 2018 with the element that changed the game for mine. 

Please note this is an InDesign template that will work in versions CS4 and newer. This template is NOT usable in Photoshop. If you purchased the previous template, most of the written content included is the same or similar- the change is in the overall size and a cleaner design. Please email any specific questions to tiffany@tiffanyfarley.com. 

Session Planning Guide Template

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