Katelyn & Micheal

"Our life before having our first baby was just crazy. We moved, I had emergency surgery, and I had gestational diabetes. The stress of my last trimester of pregnancy was overwhelming and so when my husband Michael surprised me with our session with Tiffany, I bawled! I was so emotional because (one) I knew that Tiffany does amazing work and there is no one I would rather have capture this new season of our life and (two) as a scattered and stressed pregnant woman, I felt like at least SOMETHING was planned to document and save this special season of our lives. It gave me this overwhelming sense of peace knowing that Tiffany was flying all the way down the Virginia to take care of us!! Tiffany's gentle spirit and calming presence makes her perfect for her job. Our baby didn't cooperate at first and I knew that Tiffany was completely fine waiting for this 3 week old to finally drift off to sleep. Her images and the experience she gave us were priceless and we're going to treasure these memories for a lifetime and so will Evy!"

Annmarie & Gil

"When I first came across Tiffany's work, I knew that if I were to be a Mom, I would want to work with Tiffany for maternity and newborn photos!  Tiffany was so easy to work with and did an amazing job providing all the necessary details from how to book the session all the way to suggestion for what to wear. She always returned emails quickly and thoroughly answered any questions I had. My maternity photos are seriously one of my favorite keepsakes. The photos from our newborn session are even more special- I literally cry happy tears everytime I look at them. It was such an awesome family day spent documenting our new family and loving on our son. Tiffany makes you feel like she isn't even there and lets you just interact organically all the while capturing those super special in between moments. If you are thinking about working with Tiffany, stop thinking and just book the session. She is a special soul with a bright smile and my husband and I can't thank her enough for the maternity and newborn photos that hang lovingly on the walls in our home."

CJ & Adrien

"I still remember the warm fuzzy feeling when I first saw Tiffany’s work and started dreaming of becoming a mother. I knew that if I ever got the chance to become a Mother, I would do whatever it took to bring her down to New York to capture those precious moments. Time went by and we waited and waited patiently to become parents, but the minute I knew a sweet baby boy would be arriving soon, I didn’t hesitate to reach out to Tiffany to see when she could document our newborn session. As a photographer myself, I know how important those first few weeks are and they are all moments in time you can’t ever get back. I not only wanted someone I trusted, but I wanted a genuine client experience and in the end I wanted what every mother wants, beautiful and timeless portraits to last a lifetime. Tiffany was so patient with us making us feel so comfortable and even more so, she made us feel like a million bucks! When you are running on no sleep with a newborn, can’t fit into anything you own, and you are still healing from having a baby, feeling comfortable and beautiful at the same time goes a long way! She is one of the most talented photographers I know and we can’t wait to work with her again and again. We adore our photos and I know anyone who gets the opportunity to work with her is very blessed. She is a real life angel!" 

Abany & Matt

“To say that Tiffany is an amazing and talented photographer would be a true statement. But to be honest, in a world where digital camera owners are a dime a dozen, it’s becoming harder and harder to differentiate the good with the bad. What Tiffany carries…the unique, intangible “just feels right” connection that you have with her from the moment you meet her, is her sweet spot and makes her the noteworthy photographer that every family wants in their lives.

With her beautiful film camera in hand and her steady, quiet, observing nature - you aren’t just hiring a photographer for a perfect family portrait. You’re inviting a friend into your life to capture a glimpse into real moments, that somehow move from being an image on a page or a screen and soak deep into the crevices of your heart to create a memory. Her images feel alive with emotion and nostalgia.

With Tiffany, you are hiring her confidence in her honed craft as well as her deep awareness of family connection in such a fragile and remarkable time of life. Hire her!”

Alicia & Adam

"There are not adequate enough words to accurately convey our deep appreciation for Tiffany's gift of photography. The images she took of us right before we became a family of 3, and then soon after we had our baby are some of our most valued treasures in our home. The art she creates does not look or feel stiff and posed. it doesn't resemble a standard "photo shoot", in any way. Instead, they are a window into our lives and our home. They are a depiction of what life is like with a newborn baby - raw, real, emotional. And because of that, every time we look at them, we will remember everything those images represent - the way our son fit perfectly in the nook of our arms, how his head was small enough to be cradled softly in our hands, that notorious baby smell (every time I see one of the images from our shoot, I swear I smell it again!), the little knit outfits that awkwardly fit his skinny little legs - the images Tiffany created bring us back to one of the most special times in the history of our family. For that, we are forever grateful, and will forever sing her praises."



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