Emotional and Spiritual Support in Birth | The Confident Momcast | Tiffany Farley

Emotional and Spiritual Support in Birth | The Confident Momcast

May 30, 2019

The Importance of Birth Support on The Confident Momcast with Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley

I recently made available this resource series that I have been so excited about! The Confident Momcast: Fearless conversations about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum for the new and expecting Mom.

As a maternity and newborn photographer, I have the privilege of often spending time with new moms- and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about stepping into motherhood- it’s that knowledge is power, and having a tribe trumps mom-ing alone. You will be able to tune in to learn from other moms and birth & baby experts from all over the world. Whether you’re preparing your mind and body for the new season ahead, or up nursing in the middle of the night, there’s going to be a community of conversation waiting for you.

My friend Rylee Scarbrough (photographers know her as Rylee Hitchner) joined me for this second episode. She is a mom of two, and shared her different birth stories- each at different hospitals. She shares how she had pain free, and free natural birth experiences. She is passionate about the importance of self-education, and the role of physical, emotional, and spiritual support in your birth experience. If you are considering whether or not hiring a doula is a good fit for you, or wanting to better prepare your husband to be a more confident support for you- then you will love this episode! You can click to watch the replay below.

I also recommend downloading the free iOS app “Crowdcast”. You can follow my channel (@tiffanyfarley) and have access to this growing library of episodes so you can tune in on the go and when it’s most convenient for you. (I see you busy mama with full hands!) One of my favorite features of the app is that you can tune in and start watching the video, but you can leave the app and the audio will keep playing- just like a podcast. That was a big selling point to me on not doing these broadcasts on Facebook Live, because I like to be able to tune in but leave the app to answer a text message without having to pause what I am watching.

You can also now SUBSCRIBE to The Confident Momcast on my brand new YouTube Channel!

This episode of The Confident Momcast shares:
– Two fear-free, pain-free birth stories
– A positive hospital birth experience
– Natural, unmedicated childbirth
– What role a doula serves in your birth and if it’s a good fit for you
– How to confidently prepare your husband to support you in birth


Fear Free and Pain Free Birth Education on The Confident Momcast with Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley



Tiffany Farley is a maternity and newborn photographer located in Pittsburgh, PA. She travels often for her clients, offering maternity and newborn photography in NYC, Connecticut, Boston, Maine, and beyond. To inquire about working with Tiffany, click here

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