Are You Starting Over?

January 2, 2018

Upper Saint Clair, Pittsburgh Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley

While I often love nothing more than a fresh start, one thing I have come to learn (mostly the hard way) is that I shouldn’t be starting over in my business every January. I would just come off a fall season where I often booked too much of what I didn’t want and for much too little profit- and so when the start of the year arrived I felt like throwing my hands up in the air and just starting from scratch.

Everyone else seemed to have it all together….except for me. I would work and work through those first couple months of the year on building new pricing, looking into what new albums I could sell, researching website designers- thinking that maybe a new logo would give me that brand I dreamed of.

It wasn’t about the hard work. Because I was definitely hustling.

It was just that I never seemed to do the work that lasts.

I was looking at what other photographers were using for packaging- and thinking that if I just started using that kind of fancy ribbon than I too would have that dreamy instagram brand everyone thought was beautiful. Or if my website was built by HER expensive designer. Or if I too had that kind of brand promo film. Or if I could just figure out what THEY really put in their collections so that I too would sell lots of products.

Over the years, I have become SO passionate about photographers learning to confidently pave their own path, and to make their own decisions for their own business- not simply based on someone else they follow. And it’s because I was that photographer. The one who thought she had to do what everyone else was doing if she was going to make it big or be successful.

You see, to be honest with you, I don’t start over in January anymore. I take time to goal set, I look at the things that worked in the past year, and I decide if anything needs to be adjusted for the year ahead. But it’s really just building off the foundational work I have already done.

Finding Your Focus is an online course for photographers who are tired of starting over every single January.

And registration is opening soon!!!

This won’t be your typical online autopilot experience, and because of that, spots are going to be really limited. Photographers who are on my course waitlist will have the very first chance to secure their seat before anyone else. To be on that list, simply sign up below!

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