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January 8, 2018

Finding Your Focus, an online course for photographers with Tiffany Farley

I want you to take a minute and begin to picture your absolute dream house.

How many of you immediately began to envision the beautiful furniture, perfect countertops, that fresh wall color, the dreamy flooring you’ve always wanted, or other decorative pieces that really defined the final style of your desired home?

In fact I doubt that the very first thing you began to picture was the original blueprint of that dream home- the structure of the foundation that would literally hold up everything you just pictured in your mind.

When we think of what we want in our brand & business, especially as creatives, we tend to jump ahead of ourselves. Too often we skip the most important decisions that we need to make in our business, that in the end -will really be our determining factors of success.

Let’s say you have a friend who just bought a new house. But the foundation and overall structure of this new house isn’t secure.  But your friend doesn’t want to think about that. In fact every time you bring it up all she can talk about is how she’s going to decorate her new house and that’s what décor she wants to buy first. She’s busy deciding which popular interior designer she wants to hire. What color she’s going to paint the walls and what furniture she’s buying.

She is so caught up in the look and style, that she has completely bypassed what should be priority in her time and finances right now- which is making sure the foundation and structure of her home are strong and going to last for years to come.

Wouldn’t that sound crazy to you? Wouldn’t you try and do all you could to convince her that she should first be investing in fixing the structural problems first- so that her foundation doesn’t give out by next year?

Doesn’t the thought of painting walls that will soon need to be torn apart sound like such a waste of time and money? Why would she be investing in new kitchen cabinets if the whole kitchen will need to be gutted to fix the pipes? Why would she buy expensive furniture to put on floors that won’t even hold?

There’s a reason that Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper doesn’t start bringing in all of that dreamy house decor in the first half of the show! They have foundational work to do far before she is shopping at the local antique mall or having their custom farmhouse table brought in.

It’s not that style isn’t important- or that those decisions aren’t ever going to happen. It’s about not making those decisions and purchases until we know we have a strong foundation to build on! It’s knowing that those style investments that will truly make that house feel like our own home are done the right way the first time- so that they last.

We understand the importance and priority of a foundation for a home or a building- but too often we don’t see it for our business and brand.  Focusing on that pretty new website template, getting the designer everyone wants to work with, buying luxurious packaging, or even that hand painted logo before you have a solid focus in your business- is like hiring an expensive interior designer for your home when you never secured a foundation. It may look pretty from the outside- but that satisfaction will only be for a season. In the end, it will ultimately be a total waste of both time and money!!

As a business owner, you shouldn’t be starting over every January. The areas of focus that I’m going to have you work on in Finding Your Focus, are so that you can grow your business each year. You do the work that lasts.

I want you to imagine what it would feel like to start each season feeling confident in:

– Who you are booking and why
– How clients are going to find you
– Your systems and workflow to keep you from burning out like last season
– The increase of product sales because you finally have a plan
– What you’re spending money on in your business and why
– Having a photography business that is unique and not like everyone else’s
– And maybe most importantly, that YOU are the one who determines what success looks like- NOT your instagram feed.

Isn’t it time you found your focus? Isn’t it time that you stopped starting over every single year? Wouldn’t it feel amazing to lift the pressure of trying to be everything to everyone and to instead narrow your brand to attract one type of client that is a perfect fit every single time?

This isn’t a rebrand- this is finally having a clear direction.

This course includes seven different modules with more than 4 hours of video teaching, an 80+ plus page downloadable workbook, access to our private course facebook group with a seat to a number of Live Q&A sessions, AND each student will have the opportunity to reserve a 30 minute 1-1 Coaching Call for personal, custom direction and feedback.

You can learn ALL the details of the course in addition to testimonies from other photographers on the course registration page HERE. Seats are very limited so that I can give my best as a teacher and provide the best individual experience as possible.

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