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Taking Pause | The Fount Collective Workshop 2016

November 3, 2015

The Workshop for Motherhood Photographers, http://fountcollective.com

                              Image by Rylee Hitchner, tablescape styling by Daisies & Pearls. 

As some of you know if you’ve been around any length of time, in June of 2014 I launched a brand called The Fount Collective, a submission blog and now lifestyle publication celebrating the art of being a mother. Earlier this year we hosted our first workshop for photographers and goodness I learned so much. In the planning, in my mistakes, in our victories, and from the hearts of those who came and poured it out for us all to soak up. I had the best creative team who made it all possible, stepping up to the plate where I often fell short.

The idea for Fount Workshops was born out of a desire to attend something like it myself. There were just so many beautiful, detailed, inspiring workshops out there- but they seemed to all focus on weddings and couples. With a heart for photographing motherhood, I was longing for a community and a chance to better my craft in a way that really pushed my work forward, and made me feel like an artist. I didn’t want to feel like “the family photographer”  tag along who wasn’t as “real” of a photographer because I chose to chase the moments that define us after we say “I do”.

There was no workshop out there like what I so desperately wanted to be a part of. So we created it. Much like Fount’s foundation in and of itself- the name Fount is grounded in the Middle English version of the word, meaning: a rise or beginning from a source, something that provides what is needed. We grew attached to this name instantly, as we believe it describes motherhood as perfectly as we hope to capture it— a source where life flows from; a deep wellspring.

I wanted a workshop that was the highest quality we could offer, but still be personal, real, and honest. That valued community over competition. A workshop for photographers who always feel like they will never catch up to everyone else’s business, to instead come and know that they are enough, and that their art and the gift they give families and mothers MATTERS. That not being a wedding photographer doesn’t mean that you aren’t as important in the industry.

And it was truly incredible. It wasn’t perfect, no. In fact, I was full to the brim of fear for months that we would have to cancel because I didn’t think enough photographers would sign up. But something greater then me, greater than all of us, seemed to continually orchestrate every single detail. Truthfully the workshop blew my expectations out of the water. We opened registration for our next one, to take place outside of Atlanta this Spring, and already…there are literally ONLY 2 SEATS LEFT. In November! Meaning this time last year we hadn’t even opened registration yet, and now we already nearly sold out.

Katie Selvidge, the editor in chief at Cottage Hill Magazine, shared recently on her Instagram how she is learning the importance of celebrating victories. In a world that will quickly continue to tell you that you aren’t enough, that what you do doesn’t really matter, and that you will never truly “make it”- I can’t help but with a grateful pause, take a deep breath today- and say thank you. Because this definitely isn’t about me.

Oh month of May how I look forward to you and meeting these attendees already. Will you be one to join us in the last remaining seats? Workshop details are available HERE.

**UPDATE** This workshop sold out hours after this post was published. If you would like to be the first to hear of future educational opportunities The Fount Collective may offer, subscribe to their email newsletter HERE. 

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