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June 26, 2014

This week officially started summer vacation for us around here. Now I could be dishonest and tell you the first thing that comes to mind is glorious sunshine, beach days with salty ocean air, and carousel rides at the park with the littles.

But that’s not what comes to mind when you run a business from home. The first thing that I REALLY think of is the overwhelming panic that settles in that there is no way I will ever get any work done now that my few hours of solace have been stripped away by this government imposed idea.

Kidding. But not really.

You see all school year I built a routine. I had my set time of blogging, and getting portrait sessions up for you to see first thing in the morning. I had my set hours at my desk where I could share those new  blog posts with you on Facebook and Twitter. Then comes summer, and I find myself scrambling to remember if I blogged anything this week, and using my phone at the playground to share what I did get posted. C’mon- you’ve been there. Multi-tasking at its beast mode.

Maybe its just your busy season. Different weddings in different cities every weekend- keeping track of when each wedding and engagement and everything in between gets posted, let alone shared can be a daunting task!

Insert Coschedule. This WILL sound like an infomercial post because I am THAT happy that I found it. And I found it because someone shared. So I am doing the same for you.

Coschedule is an app for your WordPress blog. I use ProPhoto, which uses WordPress, and I wouldn’t trade these platforms in for anything. Coschedule doesn’t work like a plug in, so it doesn’t make things go glitchy or slow your blog down. I logged into my Coschedule account and made a bookmark for it right in my Internet toolbar for quick and easy reference, and you can also access it right within your WordPress menu.

As you can see below, this is a snapshot of my week’s posts so far. I am still on the free trial today, but am definitely upgrading.


Coschedule, Blog Organization

You can see on the calendar the faded posts that have already been published, and you can see my Big Announcement Post scheduled for tomorrow! While I was looking at it, I saw that today was an empty space and a perfect spot to do a blog post on how I am loving Coschedule. So before I forgot, I was able to add this new post right from my dashboard.

Coschedule, Blog OrganizationCoschedule, Blog Organization

I also took a moment to write a social media post to my Facebook page. Right here I am able to schedule everything I need all in one place. And as you can see below, they work with all the major social media networks. Even your Pinterest Boards! The only platform I post on that isn’t included is Instagram, but let’s be honest. I need no reminder to go on Instagram. Hashtag Addicted. Coschedule, Blog Organization

Coschedule, Blog Organization

You can choose to post multiple times as well which I really like. Facebook is so weird these days with who sees what in their news feeds, so multiple shares can be really helpful! After you set up your social media message, you see it right on your calendar as you can see here.

Coschedule, Blog OrganizationThis way when I look at my blogging schedule for the week or month, I know exactly what is ready.

Coschedule, Blog Organization

Another favorite feature I am really loving, is my social media stats. Ever wonder how often your favorite post got shared on Facebook? Well now it’s easy.

Coschedule, Blog Organization

I know that as I get familiar with this system a bit more, I will find a lot more ways to use this to make my life easier. For people on the go such as myself, this makes blog scheduling and planning ahead a thousand times easier. I will no longer have to worry about scheduling posts and no one seeing them because I forgot to share them.

Tomorrow’s Big Announcement will be my greatest use of Coschedule. But I can’t give that away yet now can I? So be sure to come back first thing tomorrow to read all about it! In fact, I think I may just go set a social media message reminder now that I can do that!

Tell me, what’s making YOUR business life easier this summer? Post your best kept secret weapon in the comments below!

  1. Garrett Moon, Co-Founder

    June 27th, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    Thank you for the great review Tiffany! It is great to see how you use CoSchedule, and how it is making you more productive. That is exactly why we built it in the first place 🙂

    Thank you for sharing us with your audience, and for using CoSchedule. Good look on the next big project – it sounds great!

  2. Karen Schlink

    June 28th, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Um this is AMAZING!!! I will absolutely be signing up for this- thank you so much for sharing! 🙂 My summer secret… Fasting from social media from the summer to get work done! Real life and priorities more than social media. It’s only been two days but it’s been so freeing (and incredibly productive) already! 🙂

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