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February 27, 2014

As I am sure like many mothers in New England, my todo list is recovering from a week of school vacation and never ending snow cancellations. I dropped J off at school this past Monday morning and every day has been focused to tackle what I felt behind in. I feel like I am close to coming up for air. Every feel like that? A goal of mine this year was to give myself permission to breathe when I needed. And if that means saying no to everything else until I can, I do.

I read an incredible post by my good friend Gina this morning- and it was SUCH a reminder of this very thing. You can’t expect to run a business from your home exceptionally well for long, if your home is in disarray. If you can’t find your laptop and than realize it’s on top of your overflowing laundry basket. If you haven’t eaten a well balanced meal in three days, and if you’re skipping sleep to finish editing. (No? Just me?) It’s just not going to sustain you. It’s like how taking the time to do your hair and makeup, and wear clothes outside of the genre of yoga pants, really does make a difference in how you can tackle the day. (what is WITH that anyway?!)

The point. Is to take care of YOU and your home first, and then as Gina pointed out, you can only kick butt from there.

So for now I just wanted to share a favorite newborn portrait from a recent Hartford, CT session. Oh she is just the sweetest little bundle, and I melt when I see how perfectly her daddy’s hand cradles her here.

I will be sharing the full collection next week, after this wonderful family’s design consult. A big change for this year is letting client’s see the entire collection before it welcomes the world on the blog. There are many reasons for this, but my favorite is how much more special it becomes when they get to be the first.

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So stay tuned friends. And if we are being totally honest this morning, I really need to go fold some laundry.

Amen? Amen. 


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