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February 25, 2014

I am so excited to be sharing this with you today! For the last two years I have attended the Pursuit 31 Conference in Rome, Georgia and it has been life changing each time. I so look forward to this week every year, and I thought that I would share a bit on here today about WHY it is so amazing.

There’s an overwhelming amount of workshops and conferences out there for photographers, am I right? I mean, it’s incredible that we have so many options to choose from, but in the same breath- it makes choosing the right ones to attend really hard!

But the Pursuit 31 Conference…it’s just different. It is truly unlike any other conference out there. If you’re wondering who the conference is for, read what Pursuit 31 founder Karen Stott writes from her heart about his week:

“Are you a photographer or creative that is buried in the day to day of running a business?

Did you used to be a dreamer and the passion in your heart has died because of the pressures that have come on your life?

Do you have a stirring in your heart of heart that there is something bigger for your life?

Do you find yourself depressed because business isn’t working out like you thought it would?

Do you feel like you are alone because your friends and family don’t seem to understand what you are really doing and the pressures you face?

Do you feel like you are constantly constantly going and your only quiet time is when you lock yourself in the bathroom just to get a second of quiet?

Have you lost the passion that drove you to start your business in the first place?

Have you lost touch with the Creator and feel like you are lost and not as creative as you used to be?

Do you just need rest?

Do you wish that you could just find some people who understand what you are going through?

Are your kids or your husband becoming irritable and frustrated at the time you are spending on your business?

Then this conference is the place for you. This conference was completely designed as a sanctuary. A place of rest and encouragement so that we can clearly hear the calling that God has placed on each one of our lives.

“Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” Proverbs 31:31

As women the hats that we wear could outfit an entire football team. We are daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, friends, counselors, chauffeurs, coaches, volunteers, ministers, home group leaders, business owners… and that doesn’t even include the ins and outs of the daily chores we have keeping a household running. Let’s face it. We are busy, we are tired, we are overwhelmed and hearing the Lord through the voices pulling at us sometimes seems impossible.

I have been to Women’s Conferences where I felt like I was sleeping on a rock slab and eating some sort of kindergarten cooking experiment. As wonderful as it was to get away and to hear from the Lord, I came home feeling frustrated and overwhelmed because I simply couldn’t find rest. When searching for a location for this conference He guided me to Winshapes website and I immediately knew we had to go there. The entire property oozes rest… retreat… refreshing. I honestly never knew a place like that existed this side of heaven, and for anyone else who has stepped foot on the property I can guarantee they’ve felt the same way. So please, if you’ve felt any of the above things, take the step. Join us. We would LOVE to get to know you.”

I love that the conference is held at a retreat center and not a big hotel. It means the attendance is big enough to meet lots of new faces, and small enough for that intimate feel that creates opportunities for the most incredible heart to heart conversations. Winshape Retreat center is SO restful and rejuvenating. (And when you aren’t resting there is LITERALLY coffee and tea stations in every building. I would be lying if I said that wasn’t my absolute favorite part of the week!!)

I love that no one is a rock star- no matter how “Big” in the industry they really are. We eat together. Attend the workshops together. Talk together. Hang out together. Every single woman, speaker or not, comes to this conference on the same level. As women of God who need refreshing, inspiration, encouragement, and rest.

I love how there’s a mix of both practical AND spiritual content. Attendees walk with away with not just business applicable skills, but LIFE applicable skills and inspiration. Women like Mary Marantz, Jane Johnson, Katelyn James, and Hannah Brencher– they BRING it. I can honestly say that I am still processing some of the things that were said in last year’s talks. Things like how sometimes we fight so hard for those “accomplishments” in this industry and in this life, that we find ourselves holding on to them with clenched fists- not willing to let go and let God do something bigger than we ever imagined. Good stuff friends. Good stuff.

And there’s also the practical workshops that you would expect from a creative conference as well. This year, Justin & Mary Marantz will be teaching off Camera Lighting,  Jordanne Van Wert will be teaching an Intro to Calligraphy, Casey Wiegand will be teaching how to build a blog that’s profitable, photographer Latasha Haynes will be teaching how to create a High School Senior Experience to remember and so much more!

I am super excited that even I will be sharing this year! Karen asked me to share about my journey in specialization and the changes it has brought to my business. As Mary Marantz has taught me well, it’s more then just picking a specialty or a niche. You first must build your business on “Why”. Which means I will be sharing on building a niche that matters. I will be diving into how Connection Portraits is so much more than just a focus in my photography, but how it truly is an extension of who I am and what matters to me- and how I use that to create an incredibly unique and deeper client experience.

I invite you to head on over to learn more and register today! Spots are limited, and early bird discount ends THIS Friday! And as a special treat. use the code “Tiffany” at registration to save $200!!

WHAT?!?! That’s amazing!

Don’t just invest in your business this year. Invest in YOU this year.


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I’ll meet you by the S’mores! 

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