Should You Hire a Doula? | The Confident Momcast | Tiffany Farley

Should You Hire a Doula? | The Confident Momcast

September 2, 2019

Working with a Doula in Pittsburgh on The Confident Momcast with Tiffany Farley


Ever wonder what it is a doula actually does, or how working with a doula can positively impact your birth experience? In this episode, I welcome guest Abigail Condon. Abigail recently received her training to be a doula in the greater Pittsburgh area, after discovering her passion for a positive birth experience after having her son.

In this episode of The Confident Momcast We chat about: 

– What role does a doula have in birth?

– Can I still have a doula if I give birth in the hospital?

– What are some tips for preparing for birth?

– How can you deal with pregnancy complications without becoming fearful?

– What should your birth plan & vision have/look like? …and more!!

The Confident Momcast is a resource series where we have fearless conversations about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum for the new and expecting Mom.

The benefits of hiring a doula with Pittsburgh newborn photographer Tiffany Farley
Tiffany Farley is a maternity and newborn photographer located in Pittsburgh, PA. She travels often for her clients, offering maternity and newborn photography in NYC, Connecticut, Boston, Maine, and beyond. To inquire about working with Tiffany, click here

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