The Benefits Of At Home Newborn Photography

July 12, 2018

In Home Newborn Photography vs Studio Newborn Photography

While many newborn photographers work out of a studio, I have grown to love newborn photography that takes place in my client’s home! In fact, in-home newborn sessions are often my very favorite out of all my family portrait work.

Coral Springs Film Newborn Photography At Home

Is in-home newborn photography something you are thinking about? I hope this post will help you decide if it’s the best fit for you! I want to share with you 7 Benefits of at Home Newborn Photography.

In Home Newborn and Baby Photography Coral Springs Florida Tiffany Farley

1. Clients don’t have to travel to me. While this may seem like an obvious difference, it’s something that I have recognized as a clear benefit over the years. In those first couple weeks of being home with a new baby, parents are aware of all the “what if’s” when it comes to leaving the house. “What if we need this?” or “What if we forget something important?” When I am coming to my client’s home, they don’t need to pack anything- for mama OR baby. There isn’t a frazzled morning trying to get mama and baby both ready and in the car in time to not be late for the studio appointment. So many of my clients have commented on how wonderful it was for them to have me come to them!

At Home Newborn Pictures in Coral Springs Fl, Tiffany Farley2. Hair and Makeup Artists can come to you! Likewise, in the same way that my clients don’t need to leave their home to make their hair and makeup appointment, I always recommend artists who travel! To add to the luxury of not leaving your home and having to pack for a half-day out of the house, it’s an extra special experience of pampering when your hair and makeup artist comes to your home to help you get ready!

At Home Newborn Photographer in South Florida Tiffany Farley3. Every session is unique. While my style of photography is always my signature look and feel, every newborn session is unique because the setting was different! If I were to host all of my newborn sessions in a studio, the images would not have a great amount of variety from family to family. I love photographing in different homes!

Newborn Photographers in Coral Springs Florida, http://www.tiffanyfarley.com4. Outfit changes are so easy! One of the most common things I tell my clients before their session is to feel free to lay out some different options for wardrobe and we can make the final decision when I arrive. If they are going back and forth between a few outfits, not only is deciding at home the easiest option, but having the opportunity to change into each one if desired is also very simple. Mom can use her own bathroom space for touch-ups or adjustments, without that concern of remembering to pack something she may need.

Coral Springs Florida In Home Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley5. Siblings are comfortable and at ease. Often included in my newborn sessions are excited siblings! When the session takes place in their own home, not only do I find that they are more often at ease with the idea, but it allows us to complete all the must-have images with them at the start, and then they can be done. Many times grandma is there to help, and not having to wait until the whole session is finished at a studio space is a great benefit!

Baby pictures at home near Coral Springs Fl6. It’s quiet and comfortable. While I am sure that a studio could offer a relaxed and quiet atmosphere, there is something about the comfort of your own home and space. I find that when I photograph in-home sessions, my clients are more at ease because of their familiar surroundings. What could be a stress-filled, chaotic morning of trying to get out of the house, is instead a quiet, comfortable morning at home where there just happened to be a photographer documenting this irreplaceable season of life together.

Coral Springs Florida Black and White Film Newborn Photography At Home7. It’s the home you brought your baby to. This may be one of my favorite reasons why I love at home newborn photography. As a photographer, it is always my desire to create the most meaningful photographs I can for the families I work with. Whether you are in your forever home, or your right now home, it’s always going to remembered as the home you brought your baby to. The nursery that hosted all those late night feedings. The bed you first snuggled in as a family of three. The window you looked out as you rocked them to sleep. Those are all special details that I love to include in the background of each photograph that become part of the story your family will tell!At Home Newborn Photographer in Coral Springs FL- Tiffany FarleyCoral Springs Florida In Home Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley

If you’re considering in home newborn photography, you may also be interested in this post “The Best Time to Schedule Your Newborn Pictures.”

To learn more about booking your in-home newborn session, be sure to inquire for details! I am local to the Coral Springs, Florida area and I travel often for in-home newborn pictures, so be sure to reach out to see if we would be a great fit.

7 Benefits of In Home Newborn Photography

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