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The Audio Experience

March 5, 2018

Hello and welcome to my brand new-can’t believe I’m doing this- I guess it’s now official…podcast.

Well ok, it’s close to a podcast.

Honestly, It’s just a new creative way for me to share content with you in a much more convenient way for you to get ahold of it. It’s not at all fancy- it’s just what works- and what you said you wanted more of.

You see, last week, I sent out an email to my tribe wanting to try something new.

Instead of finding the usual typed out email in their inbox, I linked to an audio recording, so that it was REALLY more like having a conversation.

It was brand new, and something I had been thinking about for a long time, and I just decided to jump out, try it, and then evaluate the response.

(which- by the way…was overwhelming excitement. Oh my goodness, You guys seriously BLEW me away with your encouragement to create more audio for you.)

And I get that! I LOVE listening to podcasts when I am at my desk, cooking, driving- you name it.

It’s my favorite way to learn- and I know that many of you listening are Moms who are busy and on the go- so something to listen to instead of having to read just really works!

So if you want to tune in and listen to this content instead of reading it, you can do that!

For those who may not be familiar with who I am- my name is Tiffany Farley and I am a photographer of motherhood & family. I recently moved from the Coast of Maine to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, I travel all over my clients- photographing maternity and in-home newborn sessions- and somewhere in between all of that I run The Fount Collective- which is a submission blog and community devoted to the art of being a mother.Having started my own business about 6 years ago now, I have grown really passionate for educating other photographers- especially on the topics of branding, building a unique niche, and just being really intentional about creating a business that is fulfilling to you both creatively and personally.

Now, I have to be really honest with you. There are some goals I set last year that I did NOT even come CLOSE to hitting. While I thankfully can’t say that about all of them, there were some really big ones that were left untouched. And if I had to be really transparent about the reason? It wasn’t lack of time- although that seems to often be in shortage one way or another.

It wasn’t lack of creativity- for I tend to have crazy ideas spilling out of my ears.
It wasn’t even lack of confidence- which is usually my default answer when it comes to why “not”. .….It was because I waited for everything to be perfect, and perfect never came. Sometimes, I believe that there is a really fine line between doing business with excellence, and just plain refusing to do anything that less than perfect.

And one will keep your business from growing just as fast as the other

…will catapult it to the next level.

I let this need for perfectionism KEEP me from hitting some of my business goals.My need for every detail to be perfect so everything would be successful, kept me from launching some of those ideas at all.

So welcome to something brand new. It’s not fancy and it won’t be perfect- but I am DOING it anyway and let me tell you I have some amazing content to share with you here. I have some really BIG IDEAS and some conversations that I am dying to have with you about business and branding and balance.

I don’t know about you, but I am determined to not let perfectionism keep my creative ideas stifled this year, and I can’t wait to share with you what I have in store!

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