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March 22, 2018


I heard this quote recently that quickly became a favorite of mine to start this year off right. It said, “If you don’t know what your destination is, than anywhere looks like it.”

What a powerful statement to think about! Do you have a clear vision for your business? Do you know what you’re working towards? Do you know what you need to do today, and tomorrow to get there?

This past January I launched my first online course experience for photographers, called Finding Your Focus.

I am now re-opening doors for Round 2 and I wanted to take a few minutes and share with you what the course is all about and some inside details! You can keep reading below, or you can tune into the audio experience above! 

Finding Your Focus is a 3 month, take at your own pace, online course experience. There are 7 Modules: Finding your Focus in Your Branding, Your Clients, Your Website, Your Systems & Workflow, Your Marketing, Your Sales & Selling Products, and your Mindset.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in my own business growth was learning the freedom of not being the photographer for everyone. In this first module of Finding Your Focus in your Branding, you will define what is most important to you, and what you want your brand to be known for. Branding is more than a logo or a color palette, and your brand shouldn’t look like everyone else’s!

Then. Building upon our first module of effective branding, Finding Your Focus in your Clients will help you to define one of the most important things to know in your business- which is who your brand is speaking to. You will determine what your ideal client values in their experience of working with you, so that you can meet the needs of your clients in a more meaningful way.

The third module teaches you how to have an effective website. Your website is one of the most powerful tools in your business. Finding Your Focus in Your Website is going to bring you back to the basics of what your website needs to be doing for you. Too often as creatives we can get caught up in the look and design of our website, that we overlook the things we can each do to really make our website effective.

Now as a business owner,  time is our most valuable asset. In Finding Your Focus in Your Systems, you will evaluate your client process from start to finish- looking for a more excellent way. Remember all of the things that you told yourself last season would be different from now on? This is the module where you set your business up for success through creating streamlined systems and consistent workflow steps.

After doing the work of defining who your brand needs to be speaking to, you will be able to determine how those clients are going to find you. Finding Your Focus in Your Marketing is going to guide you in creating a plan of action in evaluating what marketing platform you want to focus on in your next season.

Probably one of the most requested topics that I teach is how to sell products. One of the biggest obstacles I knew I had to overcome in going full time with my portrait photography business was generating enough income to do so. Finding Your Focus in Sales is going to have you determine the purpose of your profit, in addition to detailing my entire sales process and how I successfully sell prints and products without using an online gallery, a studio, or traditional in-person sales methods.

AND. You will also receive my fully customizable Start to Finish Session Planning Guide template, with an additional hour tutorial video on how to use it- from how to open the file, how to customize the text, images, colors, and layout, all the way to how to export the file and upload to the printer I use. The template includes most of my own written content that I give my clients on how to get ready for their session- so it’s a really valuable resource that’s included for you!

Then in conclusion, the final module addresses your mindset. When you have a focus in your mindset that you bring to your business each and every day, it eliminates the feelings of competition and not being enough. This module is going to map out the action steps of your business goals, bring clarity to your definition of success, and evaluate your unique strengths as a business owner.

Each of these modules includes a teaching video, in addition to a workbook session video to accompany the 80 page course workbook to help guide you through the questions and brainstorming. Now, most online courses are built to be this autopilot experience. However I have made every effort to make this experience unique and the best of both worlds between an online course and individual mentoring.

That said, every student will have access to join the Finding Your Focus Facebook Group, where I will be hosting four Live Q&A Sessions throughout the course on different module topics. In fact, you get to join the facebook group right after registering, so you can immediately watch the Live Videos from the first round of the course as an extra bonus!

THEN, because that’s not all. Every student will have the opportunity to reserve a 30 minute one on once Coaching Call with me. You guys, I received an OVERWHELMING amount of positive feedback about this part of the course experience. Available spots for coaching calls are pre-scheduled on my calendar and are first come first serve- so that means the sooner you sign up for the course- the more scheduling options you have available.

So friend- I am so excited to officially say – that Registration for Round 2 is officially open– but doors won’t be open for long! This is the last chance to get in on this course for the season.

And here’s another bonus I want to share with you- I am giving the first 5 students an EXTRA coaching call. The first 5 photographers to sign up will receive an HOUR of one on one coaching during the course! I’m talking take me to the insides of your business-what you’re working on-stay accountable-ask me anything kind of personal one on one coaching.

So. Exciting!

Finding Your Focus with Tiffany Farley

Here’s some quick answers about Finding Your Focus that you may be wondering right now:

To Sign Up and try to be one of those first 5- Simply go to the course website HERE. This is the course website and goes over everything that’s included, investment, and more.

After completing your payment you will receive two emails. The first includes your login link, where all of the course will be open to you beginning April 10th, 2018. The second email will officially welcome you to the course- giving you access to our private Facebook group, other welcome details, and a link to reserve your 1-1 Coaching Call Date (remember those are first come first serve- and the first 5 photographers to sign up get to reserve TWO 30 minute calls!)

All of the course content will be available to you beginning on April 10th. EVERYTHING will be open to you on this day- so if you are wanting to hustle and go through every single module the first week, you can. If you want to spread it out and tackle one module at a time you can do that too.

This course is the best fit for photographers who are looking to find clarity and focus in their brand and business- from what they offer to who they work with. If you are just getting started, the steps of this course will have you focus on building a brand to last. If you are well seasoned, each module will provide a reset for your business.

I was thrilled to hear how much students were loving this course, and hearing that it not only was a good as they were hoping, but that it actually surpassed their expectations.

Family Photographer Kate emailed me and said: “I am SO SO SO SO glad I bit the bullet and took this class. It is so much different than any other “class” I have taken online. This is EXACTLY what I need right now. It is very motivating when I have been feeling discouraged lately. My wheels are turning so much. This is great I had to pause the module to just say thank you. I really appreciate all the hard work that you put into this course…I fully believe is the nudge I need to get my thoughts straight and follow what is in my heart and soul to where I want to bring my business. I am so excited to learn from you. Thank you so much already.”

Another student said “As a new business owner, I found the course answered some questions I didn’t even know to ask! Each module was educational and challenged my current thinking about how to run my business, from finding the ideal client to establishing work systems that will keep me organized and efficient. Tiffany’s honest and positive insights definitely helped me find my focus!”

We had such an incredible group in Round 1!

I really want to make sure that this is the right course experience for you- so if you’ve listened to this, if you’ve read the details listed on the course website and you still have questions, PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out. I would be more than happy to clarify any concerns you have.

I hope to see you in Round 2 of Finding Your Focus!

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