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July 12, 2017

Portland Maine Newborn and Baby Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://www.tiffanyfarley.comI don’t know about you, but lately I have found myself needing a mid-year reset of sorts. One of those, “Ok it’s already been 6 months. Half of the year is over. What’s working in my business right now- what’s slowing me down, and how can I get organized, goal oriented, and recharge my systems for the rest of the year?”

In years past, by the time the second half of the year rolled around, I already had a full calendar and I felt like I was too busy or it was too late to work on things behind the scenes. I would always tell myself “next year” would be the year I started that email newsletter, actually had a client workflow, or felt on top of things.

But, let me tell you right now, I have BIG business goals ahead of me, and that means no season can be wasted. That it’s actually not too late in the year to accomplish those really huge goals! This means taking some time & effort to clear out some of those business bottlenecks that have popped up and slowed me down, and to revisit those goals I set at the beginning of the year so that the second half of 2017 can be even better than the first! (Lara Casey always did say “There’s nothing magical about January 1st!)

Sooo…. I made a cute little REFRESH CHECKLIST freebie for you! (Yep just click to download!)

If you are feeling the overwhelm of disorganization in your business, these are my TOP TWO systems that I am pretty sure I would die without right now. As in they are the glue that holds all the crazy together. For real.

Honeybook for all things client communication. AND they just sent me a new referral link that gives you 50% off your membership! Too good not to share!! Honeybook is what I use for tracking all of my website inquiries, how I communicate with potential clients and send them my branded booking details, how I book those clients and set up easy payment plans and online contracts. By using the Honeybook contact form widget on my website, I even have a custom auto-response set up specifically for inquiries! If you’re feeling stressed from the inconsistency of your booking workflow, or you feel like it’s just time to be professional and get it together, I really recommend checking Honeybook out to see if it’s a good fit for you and your business. And I mean, hello, 50% off?! Yes please.

– Trello for #AllTheThings: Trello for Business was one of the best $29 I have ever spent in my business. No joke. I used Trello a little before coming across this course- mostly for keeping track of different lists. But this course changed everything for me. And it was only $29! This was the first year that I refused to let myself spend the money on a big fat pretty planner- because as much as I love pen and paper- it was just NOT practical for running my business. (and every inch of space counts in that carry-on amiright?) Using Trello saves me so much time, and it was this course that opened my eyes as to exactly how to make it work for organizing my entire business! (this isn’t an affiliate link, I just really got SO much out of this course that I had to share it with you!!) I’m personally doing a Trello clean up this week to revisit some goals, and brainstorm & organize some big new projects I have planned, so I definitely thought it worth mentioning when sharing about a mid year refresh!

Remember, small changes can yield big results. Most of the time we KNOW what it is we should do, we just need that extra push to do it. This my friend, is that push. It will feel like coming up for air!

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