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I Never Offer Mini Sessions But….

March 10, 2017

I have been thinking lately about how much MORE creative entrepreneurs need images of themselves to use in their brand so much so than we used to. I mean, when I started my business, just getting that one headshot for that bio picture on my website was all I needed- but today- with all of the social media channels that we use and how powerful images can be in our branding and building trust with who we work with- it is a different story.

How many times do you find yourself needing a NEW image of yourself, that isn’t a selfie, that you can use in your creative business? I know for myself, that need has been much more frequent, so I have been intentional in scheduling some opportunities for both this Spring, and in the year ahead to have some taken, knowing how valuable they can be in my branding. (even if I for one, would like to always stay BEHIND the camera!)

Now you know that I don’t offer mini sessions for my portrait work. What I do just can’t be done in 15 minutes when it comes it photographing meaningful, emotive portraits of motherhood. BUT headshots for the creative business owner are a different story, and actually, headshots are the only other kind of session I book outside of my specialized niche. I don’t share them here on the blog very often, as I photograph headshots in a more traditional presentation (not square) and I always want to show my signature work here as much as possible to be very clear about what it is that I do and don’t do.

But today is a special day. After recently finishing a few headshot sessions this winter, I once again remembered how important they are in your brand and business. It not only motivated me to book a few sessions of my own, but for the very first time I decided to offer mini headshot sessions. These are casual, natural light, digital photography sessions designed to provide you with at least 10-15 images to choose your favorites from. I am only opening 5 spots, and they must be booked by tomorrow (Saturday March 11). Currently these are available to book in the Portland Maine area only. These limited spots are only $200 and will be booked individually, so even though your session is half the time of a full headshot session, you still get the very best light I can work with. 

Casual Coastal Headshot Portraits by Portland Maine Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.com

Of course if you are looking for something such as a larger session that includes more personal planning with me ahead of time, more final images to choose from, etc, than I do offer a limited number of full headshot sessions per season, but these mini head shot sessions are designed to just give you that brand refresh that you need, for lesser investment.

To book one of the 5 spots available, simply inquire HERE. I can’t wait to provide these valuable images to use in your brand this year!


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