Step by Step Email Marketing for Your Creative Business

February 20, 2017

Email Marketing for Creative Business Owners with Tiffany FarleyPhotographers and Creative Business Owners- I created a brand new resource for you, and I think it’s going to be so beneficial in seeing major growth for your business this year if you commit to really making things happen!

Last year I spent A LOT of time figuring out how to use the available tools and strategies out there to build my email list. And I did it the hard way- Youtube videos, taking screenshots of the way big brands offered sign ups, scouring podcast episodes, searching through my email folders for all of my subscribed emails that I actually enjoyed reading, and (yes) even did my best to trace back what they were using to send it to me. I saw people posting about Webinar Jam and Leadpages and Convertkit and InfusionSoft and Mailchimp and High Conversion rates and Optimized Landing Pages…and it all may as well have been a foreign language to me. (Anyone else feel me on that?)

Here’s the truth: I am not an expert on email marketing. I am not an expert on how to use email to strengthen the roots of your brand and build community with your tribe. I do not have an email list with 20 thousand subscribers. Using email marketing has not yet brought my business billions of dollars. And I have only been using email to a portion of it’s capacity to grow my business, and only for a short amount of time in the big picture. All of this to say….I’m still learning. 

But this is also the truth:  I have not once regretted learning how to do it, and intentionally implementing it in my business. I started 2017 listing email marketing at the top of my priorities again to keep learning and using well this year, because it’s working…and it’s growing. It HAS brought me significant business profit that I most likely wouldn’t have seen otherwise, and every email I send out continues to grow my brand.

I hesitated about creating this resource, because I see a lot of amazing leaders out there offering how to’s, online courses, and list building challenges almost daily, and I doubted that my voice was needed on the subject matter…. Because I am not an expert. I don’t have 20 thousand subscribers. And it has not yet brought me millions of dollars in my pocket.

But you know what it has brought me? Relationship with my followers. Meaningful conversations with photographers who are trying to get their business off the ground. The opportunity to cheer others on, and let them know that I am rooting for their success. Lightbulb moments for creatives who felt stuck and uninspired. Connection with potential clients and brand awareness that is building a long term return of investment. It’s making an impact in the lives of others because I created a space to share even more transparently than I do here on this blog.

I know what you’re thinking. 

I won’t have enough to say. 

It’s all been said & done before.

How the heck do I organize it all?

Shouldn’t I be more focused on social media since that’s where attention is? 

Where would I even start?

How much does all of this even cost? 

I can’t even keep up with my blog posts let alone consistent email newsletters. 

Will I even be sending emails to anyone besides my Mom? 

What is going to be my return of investment?

How would I not sound scammy & salesy?

What if I only want to use email marketing for my clients? 

I already have too much to do and figure out. 

But I also know that you’re very aware a lot of important things. 

Like how it felt when Facebook made the switch to “pay to play” and your free organic reach suddenly plummeted, with a small fraction of followers now seeing your posts and recent work.

That panic you felt when Instagram changed the algorithm and you frantically jumped on board to try and convince your followers to sign up for those post notifications so you didn’t lose what you had worked so hard for.

That you need a way to truly reach your client base, in a method that YOU are in control of.

That this is the year you committed to having a plan, and to do things well.

That you want to see your business grow in 2017 like never before.

That you care about your brand, and understand the commitment that comes with building something meaningful that lasts.

Email Marketing for Photographers

If that’s you, if you want to really step up your marketing game this year and finally commit to not let the overwhelm of learning something new stand in your way of serious business growth, than I invite you to join me for a FREE two week mini course all about email marketing from the ground up. I take you behind the scenes, linking to every single resource I use. There are no bells or whistles, only solid lessons that are JAM packed, full of all the content I know on the subject. Did I mention that it’s FREE? (Totally free. As in zero sales pitch on something you should buy on the last lesson. For real. I still can’t believe I am doing this!) 

I write each lesson from a photographer’s point of view- but don’t let that hold you back. Any creative business owner looking to grow their business and step up their game through email marketing can walk away with serious confidence by applying this content to their own field of expertise. In fact, if no one in your field is rocking email marketing- shouldn’t that give you ALL the more motivation to be the expert on it?

Are you ready to dive in with me?! I will be sending each lesson directly to your email, so we need that to get started! Simply sign up below, and be on the look out for your very first email!

(ps. don’t worry. If you decide you no longer want these 2 weeks worth of free valuable education on email marketing, you can opt out of the course content at any time…promise.)


(disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links) 


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