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February 6, 2017

Pricing for Creatives with Shanna SkidmoreOne of the most important lessons I continue to learn as a business owner is that there are two pricing cycles you can live in.

The first is pricing your creative work out of fear & emotion. Every decision is made from the doubtful questions of, “What if they never book? What if I fail at this? What if no one believes in me enough? What is she charging?”…

Not only is your relationship with your very business built on fear and doubt, but so are the relationships with your clients. They become mere transactions that are never quite enough. You begin to resent your business. You begin to resent your clients. And you even begin to resent the artist…you.

But there’s another cycle. A good, life giving cycle. Intentional pricing that is not built on fear, but built in confidence.

Every decision is instead made from questions like, “What do I want my life to look like in 5, 10, 50 years from now? What’s most important to me? What am I working towards everyday? What are my numbers telling me? Where are the places I can give back this year?“…

Instead your relationship with your very business is built on confidence. Your eyes are finally on your own paper. Looking at your own costs. Looking at your own goals…and reaching them. Not only is your relationship with your very business built in confidence, but so is your relationship with your clients. They are no longer mere transactions, but they are now the dream itself. They are your privilege, and your honor to create with and for. You thrive in your business. You thrive in the work you create, and who you create it for. But most of all…YOU thrive…the artist.

When I trade in my fear filled, emotional pricing decisions for confident, intentional pricing built from my own costs- I am able to create my very best work. Not only do my clients deserve nothing less than that, but neither do I!

I am crazy honored to be joining my fav Shanna Skidmore for a real conversation on pricing your creative work in tomorrow’s FREE webinar hosted by the talented team at If I Made, Once Wed and more! Join us for some #realtalk at 1:30pm EST tomorrow! You can register HERE! 

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