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February 27, 2017

Portland Maine Maternity and Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley,

Do you remember what you dreamed of doing if you had a business of your own? Do you remember what you said you were going to fill your days with IF you ever really got to have your own business?

Do you remember? Those endless romantic thoughts of how AWESOME every single day of your life was going to be if YOU were the boss of it? If every day was just YOU running YOUR business and YOU got to make the rules? Your own schedule. Your own hours.

…What did you say it was going to look like? 

What was it about owning your own business that was the very FIRE under you to work SO hard to make it happen? 

Was it going to be replacing that dreaded daily commute with a daily workout, and finally taking care of yourself?
Did it mean cooking more meals than getting take out, because you would have more time at the end of the day? 
Was it the thought of taking your kids to the playground more often, or being able to volunteer in their classroom? 
Was it the freedom to travel and visit new places?
Was it more date nights with your spouse or coffee dates with friends?
Was it taking afternoon walks with your dog? 

Surely you did not dream about your business and think about being able to…

Grab your laptop as soon as you crawl out of bed and hustle until you realize the sun went back down and you’re still in your pajamas. 

or  Pick up your phone like it’s a third arm and scroll social media- multiple times- within each and every hour of every single day- feeling worse about yourself and your accomplishments with every scroll.

or  Tell your closest friends that you can’t meet them for dinner…again…because the “editing” just never ends- always frustrated that they never seem to understand how BUSY you are!

or  Complain that your kids never let you finish an email, or secretly feel like they are holding you back from growing your business, because you feel like you can’t commit the same amount of time the ones who don’t have kids can. You know, the same kids holding back the business that you originally said was going to be FOR your kids??

or  Spend more time in Facebook Business Groups than you do having honest conversations with real, human friends.

or  Never start a week without feeling stressed, behind, and doubting your entire self worth as a business owner.

or  Forget how to talk to people about anything outside of followers, clients, subscribers, or algorithms. 

or Begin to lose sight of taking care of yourself, to get enough sleep, or eat nourishing foods because you just never have the time or the energy anymore. 

Surely you didn’t say those things about what you wanted your life to look like as a business owner.

…Surely I didn’t. 

Here’s to a self check of remembering what you said you wanted. And why you said you wanted it, and why it was most important to you. And most of all, being truthful about whether or not we now have it, and maybe what needs to change to get there.

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