A Podcast Interview with The Bearded Tog

February 10, 2017

Portland Maine Maternity ad Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley on The Bearded Tog Podcast


Well friends, I guess this is the week of interviews! Earlier this week I hopped on a webinar with my favorite Shanna Skidmore and the team at Once Wed to chat about pricing your creative business. Today, I have a podcast interview that just went live that I can share with you!

As someone who really loves to listen to business podcasts, it’s so crazy to hear my own voice on one! (like really crazy & weird!!) When Adam Mason of the Bearded Tog asked me to be a guest on his recently launched photographer podcast, I was really excited because I know just how much I personally learn from others on almost a daily basis through this free learning platform.

We chat about how I got started as a photographer, my journey into specialization and the turning points along the way, building your brand long term, traveling to clients, business growth, email marketing, and more!Tiffany Farley Podcasts and Interviews

You can listen to the episode HERE! If you are a podcast fan, be sure to subscribe to The Bearded Tog– I know I personally really enjoyed his previous interview with the really talented Abby Grace Photography – so be sure to listen to that episode as well. If you liked the episode, be sure to leave The Bearded Tog a review on iTunes- we all know what it’s like to launch something new and the work of trying to gain traction and be seen, and leaving a review on iTunes is like that first positive comment you got on your first Facebook Fan Page- it’s a big deal- and for podcasts it really helps others to find it! It helps iTunes know that they need to share this podcast because listeners are loving the content, so I would love for you to take two minutes to leave that review if you found the episode enjoyable and helpful!

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