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January 22, 2017

Rye New York Maternity, Newborn, and Baby Photography Tiffany Farley,

“There’s no art I would rather hang on my walls, to look at every day, than beautiful pictures of my family.”

As I walked through her home for the first time this morning to begin our indoor session together, I counted more than 12 framed portraits of our previous sessions adorning their walls, most of which I had professionally matted & framed for her over the past few years.

I paused and smiled with such a grateful heart as I caught a glimpse of each and every one. As she was rocking her newest, tiny addition to sleep in her arms, she told me those words.

How there was no art they could ever buy that would be more meaningful to her than her family photographs I had taken.

What an absolute dream to photograph mothers & families who deeply value every part of their client experience with me. Who greatly cherish what I have the honor of doing for a living. Who teach me so much about what is truly worth fighting for in this life.

This weekend’s in-home sessions were so incredibly rewarding. I cannot wait to share more when I receive the black and white film scans!

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