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January-March Mentoring Spots Opening Tomorrow | Portland Maine Maternity and Newborn Photographer

November 17, 2016

Kennebunkport and Portland Maine Baby Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comI am so excited to announce that my January-March 2017 one on one Mentoring Spots are opening tomorrow for reservation! My mentoring sessions are hosted online for convenience of both schedule & location, and have been made even better for the year ahead- in a unique three month process- because good things take time! I am so excited about this new structure for 2017, and believe it will be incredibly beneficial.

I will only be booking four additional photographers to work with this winter!

Topics of my mentoring sessions often cover:

• Your website, an in depth critique on the message you are sending potential clients simply from your website portfolio, wording, and navigation. There is something so powerful about bringing in an outside perspective on what potential clients are really seeing and understanding about your brand, simply from the words and images on your website. A website is far more than graphic design, or which template you are using. The words and the images you choose to show what you want to book are just as important.

• Your brand experience from start to finish– from booking to the final delivery of images. This often includes a look at how you educate clients before they book, how you welcome clients into an experience with your brand after they book, in-person sales vs online galleries, and more. From client websites to printed session guides and welcome packets- how clients order their images, etc. We look at who you your client is, what your brand values, and we work together in coming up with a plan for your client experience that reflects those things.
• Pricing and Products– is your pricing confusing clients? Are you going into another year STILL not confident in what you should charge and why? Pricing is different for EVERY photographer and every business owner. I don’t believe in a one fits all formula, so I can help you create a pricing structure that fits YOUR needs and still makes sense to first time viewers. Many photographers request to learn more about my own process of offering printed products and “in person sales”- I now include my Sales Guide as part of every mentoring session, and we can further discuss this topic during a call as well if desired.
• Working with your ideal client – maybe you feel like you still just haven’t found what you love to photograph, and the burn out of last year was greater than the satisfaction of doing what you love. It can be really overwhelming when you are building your business and trying to figure out how to work more, or even exclusively, with clients who get your vision and value your work. As someone who has been there in my own business, I can definitely help you come up with a plan to see the big picture and we can create a vision for your brand and business to move in the right direction.

• Building a niche in the industry- as someone who went from photographing everyone and everything, to narrowing down my ideal client, I have learned SO much about what it means to specialize and I love sharing about that process with others.
I am passionate for mentoring photographers who are looking to build a unique brand with their own voice in the industry. I want to hear what YOU are passionate for, what YOU love to photograph, and the dream brand YOU have in mind for the future, and see you leave with an action plan on how to make that dream a reality.Andrea 010

I recently mentored Connecticut Family Photographer Anne Miller, and this is what she had to say about her experience:

When you’re just starting out in photography, there is so much to consider and the overwhelming feeling of HOW keeps drifting in and out of your head. How do I start? How can I build, How should I market my brand, How do you formulate a clear message, How do you book your ideal client, HOW.

As you move through those growing periods, even in the early years of growing your business, you can get stuck in creative ruts, some things working but many things not working. How can I grow even more, how can I sell products and prints, how can I add more value to my work to better serve my client?

I have mentored with Tiffany throughout the different phases of growing my business, both in the beginning and in the middle and can honestly say that as a portrait photographer, my business would not be where it is without her mentoring.

Tackling all things branding and messaging with Tiffany, she took my thoughts, narrowed them down into one cohesive niche and gave me the clarity I needed to grow my business at a very crucial point as my business was at a standstill and lacking direction. She just got it!

When you work with Tiffany, you get all of Tiffany and that is a gift. She will see your vision before you even truly see it, she will formulate an action plan and give you the next steps to accomplish your goals and objections. She will hold you accountable and follow through with you till the end. Tiffany will care for your business as if it were her own and in the end, you will exhale as she will leave you with not only a newfound direction, but will foster new ideas and strategies that will grow your photography business.

My takeaways in mentoring with Tiffany is her incredible attention to details, her ability to take your millions of thoughts and questions and consolidate them into one clear path to brilliantly fit your vision. Her advice and suggestions were always spot on and added value to my client experience and brand. There is honesty, compassion and extreme care that makes mentoring with Tiffany a positive and smart investment for the growth of your business.”


Ah, thank you so much Anne!! To learn more about reserving one of the available spots in the most coveted season of the year, be sure to inquire here! The spots are going live for booking tomorrow (Friday November 18th) during my Early Black Friday Sale!

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