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October 20, 2016

Portland Maine Black and White Film Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comWe often start our own business so that we can make our own rules. We want to be our own boss, and design our own days. From the 9-5 cubicle, owning your own business looks like a total dream world, doesn’t it?

Not enough people talk about how overwhelming making these rules can actually feel. We don’t just want to run any business. We want to build a successful & sustainable business. We want to invest where it matters. We want to live in the Pinterest Painting that says I have created a business that serves my life, and not a life that serves my business. It’s not always as easy as it sounds, but I do think it’s possible, and definitely worth fighting for.


One of the best investments I have made in my business is slow growth.

“Success is a fruit of slow growth.”

I was working as a full-time, live-in nanny when I decided that photography was something I wanted
to do as a business, and no longer just a fun hobby. I would work my full-time job, often 10 or 11 hour days, and then work evenings and weekends slowly building my business.

There were seasons where my schedule was overly full, but I kept my full-time job as long as I could manage. This allowed me to make decisions without the financial strain that depending soley on your business as income can create. Since my photography business was not paying for my bills, it allowed me to pour 100% of the profit right back into business growth. It allowed me to intentionally choose the clients I would book, and the type of sessions I would take on- which in turn built my specialized brand!

I am so grateful for slow growth, because it pushed my brand roots deeper. It gave me the opportunity to align my business plan about what really matters to me, so that when I did go full-time, I was really ready for it.

If you are still working a full-time job while building your business, don’t count it as a negative thing! Slow growth seasons are so valuable, and there’s no need to rush to the top.

I would much rather grow slowly towards something meaningful, fulfilling, and sustainable, than quickly towards something that won’t last.

Kennebunkport Maine Family Photography by Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comWould you like to read MORE of best investments I have ever made in my business?


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