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June 10, 2016

The Sales Guide by Portland Maine Maternity and Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comAre you a portrait photographer who finds offering prints and products to your clients entirely overwhelming? So much so, that even though it’s probably your greatest desire to see your work printed in the hands of the families you work with, and even framed on the walls of their home, you never step out and pursue it because it’s just too intimidating? It just sounds too “salesy”? Goodness I know, I’ve been there.

When I made the goal to go full-time with my portrait business two years ago this fall, I knew that generating enough income to do so was my biggest obstacle to overcome. 
The Sales Guide by Portland Maine Maternity and Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comI looked at the portrait industry with rules that seemed to be saying:

• You need a studio to be successful.

• Large sales will never happen unless you conduct them in-person.

• You have to run numerous holiday promotions per year to get by.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those things. I have personally met portrait photographers who are ROCKING those approaches. And if those are working for you and you love it, keep doing it! 

But what if having a studio isn’t the best fit for you? What about traveling and working with non-local clients? How does “in-person” work then? Do they get a different experience? What if constant holiday promotions and mini session marathons, are far from the brand you dream of, and keep you from serving each individual client as well as you would like to? What if this all just doesn’t seem to fit your business or your client base at all?

It didn’t for me.

…So I changed the rules. And I wrote this Sales Guide to share how I did it so you can be inspired to change the rules too.  It will encourage you on your journey to find the sales model that works for you and your profit margins as a business owner.

The Sales Guide by Portland Maine Maternity and Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comIt’s the number one topic that other photographers reach out for mentoring in- how to get prints, albums, frames and other beautiful heirloom products into the hands of their clients, because they just weren’t satisfied offering anything else. They felt like something was missing in their business. So I finally sat down, and spent the last few months compiling this content that is now available for the first time outside of a 1:1 Mentoring Session.

This guide spills all my best secrets about sales for the photographer who hates the thought of being “salesy”. It’s a compilation of my trials and discoveries over the past couple years, and how I learned to improve my methods to not only fit my own needs, but most importantly, the needs of my clients. This Sales Guide shares how I made portrait sales work for my business, and my profit margins. Because without profit, this is not a business, this would be a hobby. And if this is a hobby, it means I have to work another full-time job to pay the bills. And if I am working another full-time job to pay the bills, then I can’t serve my clients well or live the life I dream of having as a photographer- the life work that I feel born to create. 

To be clear, this is not a pricing guide. This doesn’t give you a specific formula or mark-up strategy on how to price your portrait sessions or your prints. I do walk you through the key considerations I keep in mind when creating my own pricing, but this guide is not going to tell you how to price your photography. I believe that pricing should be unique to every business, because every business has different needs.

This guide shares how I discovered the importance of pricing confidence, and how I structured my business to see prints, albums, and beautiful frames in the hands of nearly all my portrait clients- because it really MATTERS to me that they have them. That I leave them with a tangible legacy for their family for generations.

This resource is not for everyone, but it may be just what you’re looking for. The Sales Guide shares my own experience, and what works for me. It is an inside look at how I became dissatisfied with the traditional in-person sales methods because they didn’t fit me, my business, or my clients.


The first to purchase will have a special discounted price in celebration of the launch, so this is your heads up!
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