Client Education | The Game Changer in my Portrait Sessions

January 13, 2016

One of the top struggles that I hear from other portrait photographers at conferences, workshops, or in my one on one mentoring, is client education. From not knowing where to start, to what content to include, how to use the right words, or how to get this important information in the hands of their clients in the most branded manner.

Client Education, and doing it well, is hands-down one of the most important and crucial elements of my business. 

When I began educating my clients on light and location, wardrobe, the importance of hair and makeup, and what to expect- it was a game changer for how beautiful and smooth my portrait sessions started to be. It also paved the way for my portfolio to begin attracting more of my ideal clients because I was finally showing more of the work I wanted to book!

As a photographer who values the tangible client experience, when I began educating my clients about the printing, framing, and album options in great detail PRIOR to their session with me- my clients began to make confident and well-informed decisions on the art for their home. From a creative standpoint, I began to experience deep fulfillment seeing these families hold their printed photographs, and from a business perspective my sales began to nearly triple!

In my own brand, I saw this process work the best when it was presented to my client in a printed presentation. The first half of my Portrait Session Guide covers details about what they can expect, what to wear, what to bring, frequently asked questions, etc. The second half of the guide covers pricing, products, and collections. My clients use their printed guides as a main reference when they place their order for prints, albums, and digital files. And I have decided to make it available to you. 
Maine Newborn and Baby Photographer Tiffany Farley,

Coming soon…a fully customizable template for your client education, including MY OWN CONTENT for your reference!!! With this Session Guide template, you will have the ability to add your own images, and adjust the content to fit your own brand, voice, and services. You won’t feel overwhelmed by having to start from scratch making your own printed guide, and you can take out or add whatever you like from what I have created. Every font, color, and page layout can be easily personalized to your own brand quickly and easily. There are even multiple extra layout pages at the end of the template to switch in and out so that the Session Guide truly becomes even more unique to you. I will also provide you with printing and presentation recommendations so you can get your Session Planning Details in the hands of clients right away.

For those who purchase the guide template, I will also be hosting a FREE LIVE WEBINAR, where you can watch me open the file exactly how you would download it, visually walking you through how to customize the file. If you miss the live event, this private recording will be available for your instructional reference.

In the meantime, while final touches are being made, I want to send you a FREE sample preview, which includes the Session Checklist that I currently give all my clients!! Click here to DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE SAMPLE PREVIEW.

I’ll be announcing the launch to my email newsletter subscribers first, so be sure you join the list to be the first to know!

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