Defining a Niche | Yarmouth Maine Newborn Photography

November 19, 2015

Portland Maine Newborn Photography by Tiffany Farley,

My mind is still soaking in all that was taught at the Creative at Heart Conference this past weekend. One of my favorite talks (basically all of them) was given by Shay Cochrane on defining a niche- which if you know me is so my branding love language!

As she shared her own story, it reminded me of the moments I myself began to realize that I didn’t have to follow suit with industry trend. That I could work with clients who gave me the freedom to create how I saw the world. Who trusted my vision. The moments that I realized just how much the art of motherhood had both my heart and my camera. When I finally took that soul filling deep breath because I stopped trying to fit the mold of what I was “supposed” to be doing, and starting defining my niche.

This portrait session, with this often shared image, literally changed my perspective on photography. I stood there on the beach as the summer breeze engulfed us, and I watched a woman who had become such a close friend, hold her long prayed for baby in her arms so tight. It wasn’t just a picture. It wasn’t just a portrait. It was a marker. It was a testament. It was a moment that made you pause with thankfulness and say, “Look what the Lord has done…”

In just a few short days I will meet and photograph her second baby, a beautiful tiny little girl. And to be honest I may cry. Because God is just so, so good. And if you’re waiting tonight for your turn, to hold your baby tight, may this encourage your heart so deeply. His timing is perfect.

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