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April 10, 2015

Newborn Photography by Maine Maternity and Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley, http://tiffanyfarley.comAs a family photographer I have quickly learned that if you want to make a year seem like no time at all, just look at a baby. I can’t believe that it’s already time to photograph this beautiful little peanut’s One Year Portraits, as part of this wonderful California family’s Motherhood Collective. I had the honor of photographing Baby M’s newborn portraits in San Francisco, and her six month portraits in Sacramento. Next week I will be flying across the country to San Diego to celebrate her first official birthday! Where does time go? 

Although I do photograph many portrait sessions for clients that are just their maternity portraits, or just the newborn session- the most popular package I book is The Motherhood Collective. It has been refined over the years since I began offering it, but still remains the favorite choice for most of the mothers that I work with. I came up with The Motherhood Collective years ago when most typical “baby plans” just really didn’t fit my vision for my clients. I wanted a portrait package that didn’t just show the baby getting older, but instead focused on the family as a whole, and particularly motherhood itself.

When I photograph these milestones, there are no props, baskets, costumes, or cake smashes- absolutely nothing of that sort. To me and for what I do, it is all about photographing their family in these different moments. Those first few weeks of being parents where Dad is still really nervous about holding her the right way, as if at any moment she will just break like a glass doll.. and how the mother is just stepping into this brand new role that is all frightening and utterly fulfilling all at the same time….like she has waited her whole life for that newborn snuggled up under her chin to be her very own.

And when the baby turns six months? It’s all about that little personality that’s starting to shine, how she looks at her parents and how they look at her- so proud, so unable to imagine life without her. The relationship that has built from the sleepless nights and the first time they heard her laugh. It’s about photographing in those moments, in a way, the past six months all in one portrait. It’s so powerful to me and never stops being an honor. I have been told she is walking now, and I can’t wait to photograph them as a family once again. So much that changes in between each session, and yet so much that stays exactly the same. It’s not JUST about celebrating Baby M turning one year old. It’s about celebrating a year as a family. A year of being not just a husband, but a father. It’s about celebrating a year of motherhood. 

So I am off to San Diego in a few short days, and I cannot wait. It is my first time there, and quite frankly Spring so far in Maine has been not really Spring at all, so I can’t wait for some warmer weather! I do still have a couple spots open for an additional portrait session, or a 1:1 mentoring session for a photographer during my trip!

But tell me, what should I do on my explore day? I am trying to be a bit more organized this trip with things to do. I adored my trip to San Francisco last year, and quickly learned that just because you can SEE the Golden Gate Bridge doesn’t mean you can walk to it….especially in flip flops! Oh the things I learn the hard way!

So tell me San Diego experts, what are the must see places to go and do while I am there?

Oh wasn’t she just so tiny and perfect?!

Newborn Photography by Maine Maternity and Newborn Photographer Tiffany Farley,

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To learn more about booking your Newborn Portrait Session or the popular Motherhood Collective, contact Tiffany via the Connect link in the menu, or email directly at TIFFANY@TIFFANYFARLEY.COM

Tiffany is local to the Portland, Maine area and is currently booking well into 2015.

Tiffany Farley frequently travels for maternity, newborn, and family portrait sessions and has clients from Bar Harbor to San Francisco.  To find out details regarding her upcoming travel dates to a city near you including Southern Connecticut,  Harrisburg, Saint Augustine, Copenhagen Denmark, Iceland, and San Diego- or to book a custom travel session, please contact for more information.

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