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March 5, 2015

Mentoring Sessions for Photographers with Tiffany Farley

My brand and business would most certainly not be where it is today without the mentoring and guidance from those I looked up to in this industry. When I started, I read every educational blog post I could find on the internet. Anything that would lead me in the right direction from what website platform to use, to what albums to offer, to how I should edit my images in Photoshop. I came to a point though, where I wanted something more. My business was looking like everyone else’s and I wasn’t satisfied with what I was photographing. I longed to step out and do things differently, and create a brand that really stood out. I had a mentoring session with Justin & Mary that forever changed my brand and business, and was the catalyst of so many changes and leaps.

Soon after I began to implement these changes and launch my new brand, my email was flooded with other photographers saying they wished they could do what I did. To only photograph what they love, to be different, to leave the industry trends and chase after what their own heart was passionate for- even if it looked entirely different from what they had always done.

Since the fall of 2013 I have worked 1:1 with over 40 photographers- both wedding and portrait. I am passionate for mentoring photographers who are looking to build a unique brand with their own voice in the industry. I want to hear what YOU are passionate for, what YOU love to photograph, and the dream brand YOU have in mind for 2015, and see you leave with an action plan on how to make that dream a reality.

The structure of my mentoring sessions have changed with the seasons, as I have worked to develop a way that truly works the best. Sessions have been elaborate, and sessions have been overly simple. I feel as though the way 2015 sessions are offered is the best way yet!

Mentoring sessions are available in-person here in Portland, Maine or online via Skype. (I also am available for in-person if I am traveling for a portrait client in your area) Sessions are 2 hours in length. All mentoring clients are given access to an exclusive shared small virtual workbook to get you ready for our session. This set up works really well, because you can work on the questions at your own pace, and print it when you’re finished. Prior to our session, I also take a look at your answers so that I can best prepare for our time together.

Every mentoring session is custom to each photographer, and the workbook ensures that we stick to the topics that YOU want help with. When you do the homework beforehand and really dig deep in answering the questions in the workbook, we can cover A LOT in two hours! I also make myself available for questions over email following your session.
Topics of the session often cover:
• Your website, an in depth critique on the message you are sending potential clients simply from your website portfolio, wording, and navigation. There is something so powerful about bringing in an outside perspective on what potential clients are really seeing and understanding about your brand, simply from the words and images on your website. A website is far more than graphic design, or which template you are using. The words and the images you choose to show what you want to book are just as important.
• Your brand experience from start to finish– from booking to the final delivery of images. This often includes a look at how you educate clients before they book, how you welcome clients into an experience with your brand after they book, in-person sales vs online galleries, and more. From client websites to printed session guides and welcome packets- how clients order their images, etc. We look at who you your client is, what your brand values, and we work together in coming up with a plan for your client experience that reflects those things.
• Pricing and Products– is your pricing confusing clients? Are you going into another year STILL not confident in what you should charge and why? Pricing is different for EVERY photographer and every business owner. I don’t believe in a one fits all formula, so I can help you create a pricing structure that fits YOUR needs and still makes sense to first time viewers.
• Working with your ideal client – maybe you feel like you still just haven’t found what you love to photograph, and the burn out of last year was greater than the satisfaction of doing what you love. It can be really overwhelming when you are building your business and trying to figure out how to work more, or even exclusively, with clients who get your vision and value your work. As someone who has been there in my own business, I can definitely help you come up with a plan to see the big picture and we can create a vision for your brand and business to move in the right direction.
• Building a niche in the industry- as someone who went from photographing everyone and everything, to narrowing down my ideal client, I have learned SO much about what it means to specialize and I love sharing about that process with others.


I have opened up 10 spots between March and August 2015.

Each Session is $600, and you can add a head shot session to any in-person mentoring for $200.

Email or use the Contact Form in the menu above to reserve one of the spots. 

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