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Big Dreams | Fount’s First Publication Volume

January 20, 2015

About a year ago, I applauded the bravery of my friends Justin & Mary who launched their twin blogs, The Black Tie Bride and The Well Groomed Groom. They recognized a huge gap in the industry, and decided to create a place where iconic, black and white wedding photography that highlighted the emotional moments of a wedding day, just as much as the tabletop details, would be both celebrated and honored. I was so inspired by their courage to see what was missing, and to then make a place for it.

Over the past two years, as I have grown deeper in my craft and my love for photographing motherhood, I longed to see a distinguished place of publication and community for this portrait industry. It has been my desire to bring this beautiful niche to the forefront, where it too could be celebrated and honored. Last summer,  The Fount Collective website and brand launched into the world, and was met with such overwhelming support. In the past 7 months, Fount has featured motherhood photographers and their beautiful work from all over the world on the blog, started a Society of most recommended photographers, planned an incredible 2015 Workshop, and now today has launched the very first printed publication, Volume 01.

Although The Fount Collective is an entirely separate brand and business than my own photography, I wanted to take a moment and share this exciting news here today. I held this publication in my hands this morning, and my eyes filled with tears of gratitude.

For it was just a dream. It was just a “what if…” It was really just simply an idea.  That came to life. 

With hard work. With very hard work. By looking fear after fear after fear in the face and somehow finding determination in its place. It’s not easy doing something new and completely out of your comfort zone. To learn brand new things, learn from mistakes, and have faith that something valuable will be created. Thank you for everyone who has sent along encouraging words in celebration of the pre-order launch. You are more appreciated than you know.

You can read all about the details of Volume 01 and how to save $5 by placing your pre-order HERE.


Fount Volume 01, http://thefountcollective.com

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