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Interviewed on the Rock the Shot Forum

August 19, 2014

It has been a WHIRLWIND of a month friends! I am so looking forward to this season of moving to be done, to be settled into my new place, and ready to hit the ground running and introduce so many new things that are coming to the business! If you’re new here, welcome! I am currently packing up my life as a live-in nanny here in New Haven, Connecticut and moving to Yarmouth, Maine next week so things are a bit crazy! I promise to catch you all up on recent portrait collections and blog posts soon, but I am taking every spare second I have to soak up time with “my” kids before I leave, and who knew packing was SO MUCH WORK?! I wanted to also mention that my all-new mentoring experience is launching SO soon! I just got word that the last piece I have been waiting on has shipped, and that means I am getting all the details and booking information ready for you! I have worked with over 30 photographers one on one this past year, and I am really excited to share with you how I am making this experience even better! These sessions are for photographers, although there may just be a creative business owner option coming for small shop, makeup artists, etc who care about their brand experience too! hint hint. Spots will be very limited in this new structure, so be sure you sign up for my mailing list because that’s where I will be sending all the details first. I made BIG changes to my business this year, some of the best decisions I have made- but they were ones that took a lot of research, brainstorming, and work months before I ready to make them. That means that I was working on these changes last August! If you are wanting to start 2015 with an incredible brand experience, or make those changes you have been thinking all year about, then now is the time to start doing the back end work. Today I wanted to share that I was interviewed by the team over at the Rock the Shot Forum for their Photographer Spotlight series.  I am a self taught photographer and business owner, and I owe so much to the resources online out there like Rock the Shot. When I started my business, I was always searching for photographer interviews and guest blog posts online that shared a little bit more about how they run their business, the gear they used, and the lessons they learned the hard way! So head on over and check it out today!   Portland Maine Maternity and Newborn Photographer, http://tiffanyfarley.comPortland Maine Maternity and Newborn Photographer, http://tiffanyfarley.com

To learn more about booking your Connection Portrait Session or the popular Motherhood Collective, contact Tiffany via the Connect link in the menu, or email directly at TIFFANY@TIFFANYFARLEY.COM

Tiffany will be local to the Portland, Maine area at the end of the Summer, and is currently booking for the Fall/Winter Season in the Southern Maine area.

Tiffany Farley frequently travels for maternity, newborn, and family portrait sessions and has clients from Bar Harbor to San Francisco.  To find out details regarding her upcoming travel dates to a city near you, or to book a custom travel session, please contact for more information.

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