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May 13, 2014

This past weekend I had the incredibly amazing opportunity to fly to San Francisco for two connection portrait clients and a mentoring session! I had never been, and it was so wonderful to see this famous city that so many people talk about. I didn’t use my digital camera for much outside my portrait sessions, because I was determined to take as many film shots as possible to really practice on my Hasselblad! I did however document via Instagram– and in case you don’t follow me there– I thought I would share some highlights of the trip here today!

Traveling Portrait Photographer

I didn’t stay at a super swanky hotel- but rather a convenient one next to the airport. I don’t stay at a hotel my myself very often- and the introvert that I am was in peaceful heaven. For most of my portrait sessions, I carry the ONA Chelsea Bag– which I adore! Super chic, and holds the gear that I need. But when I travel and take my laptop, I use the Kelly Moore Libby bag. This baby is a BEAST. I admit that when I was looking for a bag specifically for travel, I was disappointed that Kelly Moore didn’t offer genuine leather. But after using it for almost a year now- I wouldn’t trade this bag for anything. With as much of a beating that involves taking anything through an airport- I am so pleased with how this bag has held up. This weekend I fit my 17 inch Macbook Pro, iPad. my Hasselblad with lens attached, my Mark III body, my Mark II body as a backup, my 50 1:2, and my 70-200. Not to mention a few of my other carry on essentials. This bag gets super heavy to carry- but it’s because I stuff it to the brim! Traveling Portrait Photographer

The morning before my newborn session, I let myself splurge and pay a little extra for breakfast in bed! It was my first time ordering room service, and although I am not a mother yet, being a full-time live in nanny can definitely feel like being one somedays so I let it be my little almost “Mother’s Day” celebration. (And the Sourdough bread in San Francisco? YUM!Traveling portrait photographer

My first full day in the city, I had a mentoring session in the afternoon- so I took the morning to sight see! I have to admit, it was a day of a lot of firsts for me! I am such a country girl, and when it comes to public transit I am a lost puppy. This weekend marked my first time ever taking a city bus- let alone the achievement of figuring out their local train system. All I have to say- is thank God for Siri. 🙂

I heard that Fisherman’s Wharf was a good place to visit. I got off the bus and laughed out loud at how touristy it was. But I played the part none the less. I got some mini donuts- which tasted JUST like the ones I used to get at the Fryeburg Fair in New Hampshire. Not gone lie, it was a highlight of the weekend!

I walked around there quite a bit, and could even see the infamous Golden Gate Bridge from the dock! I then made the mistake of thinking that if I could see it then I could walk there. Umm…no. 2 hours of walking later I realized I would have to turn around. Blisters anyone?


Traveling portrait photographer traveling portrait photographer

I always enjoy trying out local coffee shops when I visit a new city. BlueBottle Coffee came highly suggested! I tried a cappuccino at their Mint Plaza location during my mentoring session, and a latte later at the Ferry Building. Definitely recommended, although I heard Ritual is a must-try the next time!traveling portrait photographer

My clients were a bit concerned with the lack of window light their residence would provide for their newborn session, so we rented a local studio. It was the perfect little spot, and I spent much of the session swooning over the options it gave me!traveling portrait photographer traveling portrait photographer

After the newborn session on Saturday, my AMAZING clients that flew me out took me out to dinner and gave me a mini tour on the way back to the hotel. We first went to the Ferry Building which I hands-down suggest going to if you visit the area. THE FOOD! Oh my gosh. Foodie heaven. It was filled with speciality food shops. Whoever helped us at the artisanal cheese shop- was the smartest cheese guy I have ever met. He went on about the local farm that it was made on, or the area of Spain that the goats roamed the hills on. He had me swooning to the point that I bought a block home! I had a proscuitto and fontina cheese filled empanada that was to die for, and then we ate dinner at Hog Island. I had raw oysters for the first time, and I actually liked them! Must be the sushi lover in me. I also ordered their Rustic Seafood Stew which was SO yummy! traveling portrait photographer

Even more incredible, on the way home my clients drove me to the Golden Gate Bridge so I could REALLY see it up close when they heard I hadn’t made it. I really hope the film scans come out fantastic!

I cannot WAIT to share the portrait collections that were taken out there!

So where should I travel to clients next? 🙂

  1. -S

    May 15th, 2014 at 9:59 pm

    So exciting that you got to experience San Fran and get spoiled by awesome clients. Loved your recap photos!


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