Episode 27 | What is SEO and Why Does it Matter? | Tiffany Farley

Episode 27 | What is SEO and Why Does it Matter?

May 5, 2020

Photographer SEO for Websites on Tiffany Farley Podcast

If you own a business then you already know how important your online presence is. Potential clients and customers are searching on Google RIGHT NOW to find the answer to what they need. But how do the right clients find you? How can you be sure that your website is coming up in Google Search results?

In this episode, I am thrilled to have SEO expert Corey Potter of Fuel Your Photos join me to explain what you need to know about optimizing your website to be found in relevant Google searches and increase your Google ranking! Whether you’re a photographer or venturing out as an entrepreneur, you will not want to miss the wisdom that Corey shares about SEO both in this episode and in all the resources linked below!

I walked away from recording this episode with a long list of things I wanted to learn more about to optimize my website (especially as I get ready to move to Florida in the next few weeks!) and I was so thankful that Corey’s educational resources will be where I can find all of the answers to my questions.

I highly recommend being a part of his free Fuel Your Photos Facebook Group. It’s a great place to learn what others have already asked, search for your questions, and ask your own!

Links mentioned in this episode:
Fuel Your Photos
FREE SEO 7 Day Challenge
Online SEO Course
YouTube Video on Sitelinks
FREE Fuel Your Photos Facebook Group
Fuel Your Photos YouTube Channel
Fuel Your Photos SEO Podcast 

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