Episode 20 | My TOP Recommended Business Tools | Tiffany Farley

Episode 20 | My TOP Recommended Business Tools

October 30, 2019

My TOP Recommended Business Tools on the Tiffany Farley Podcast

When you are first starting your business or your passion project- one of the most frustrating places to be is feeling like you’re the only one who doesn’t know what everyone else is using for what you need! Have you ever seen something online and you think to yourself- How did they even DO that? Or How did they make something like that? What are they using to make it look that way? And then maybe down the road- you find out that everyone was using this one tool to make their life easy and awesome and you just had no idea it even existed?

Well my friend, today it is my hope to help you avoid that frustration as much as possible. If I love using it in my business, or think a tool I use could really help you- then I am planning on sharing it with you here today.

Here’s the quick links to the tools I mention in this episode:

• Showit– my favorite website platform
• Planoly for scheduling Instagram posts and stories
• Slack– for team and project communication
• Microsoft OneNote– for organization and brainstorming
• Kajabi– for hosting an online course
• Zoom– for online conference calls and inviting guests for podcast interviews 
• Adobe Creative Suite– for graphic design, creating PDFs, editing podcast episodes, and editing photos. 
• Honeybook- for client communication, invoicing, and online contract agreements- Save 50% on Honeybook HERE
• Flodesk– for email marketing- Save 50% HERE or by using the coupon “Tiffany”
• Dropbox– for online file backups and sharing
• Acuity– for online scheduling
• Toggl– for time tracking

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