Episode 11 | A Custom Brand Experience with Kelly and Andra of With Grace & Gold. | Tiffany Farley

Episode 11 | A Custom Brand Experience with Kelly and Andra of With Grace & Gold.

April 24, 2019

A Custom Brand Experience with Grace and Gold on the Tiffany Farley Podcast
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As a creative business owner, are you delivering a memorable and custom brand experience? In this episode of the Finding Your Focus Podcast, I was so honored to sit down and chat with Brand Experts Kelly and Andra of With Grace and Gold. We chat about branding, what your website should be doing for your business, the importance of the words you use in your brand, and more. I just think you’re going to love listening in on this conversation.

I have followed their brand for quite some time, and I LOVE learning from these ladies. With Grace and Gold is a Wisconsin and Minnesota based creative studio founded by Kelly Zugay and Andra Barkey. Their business is rooted in faith, family, friendship – and the wholehearted service of creative women in business. Since 2014, With Grace and Gold has been honored to serve more than 300 creative women in business through purposeful, professional brand and web design. With Grace and Gold has also expanded to offer education for fellow business owners through diverse speaking engagements across the United States – as well as for fellow designers, through a Designer Education Shop and Designer Workshop.

Some of the Questions that I ask Kelly & Andra in this episode:

  • Have you always been a partnership business? How has being a partnership brought you business growth? How did you clearly define brand roles- was that an easy process or did it come with trial and error?  What would be your biggest advice to someone who is listening and considering a partner in business?
  • Have you always designed your website templates on Showit? What do you love about Showit website features?
  • What do you see entrepreneurs and creative business owners doing with their website (or not doing with their website) that you think are huge mistakes?
  • As designers, and creators of brands, what does a brand experience mean to you?
  • What are the things someone should consider in deciding between a custom brand design, and purchasing a template to customize?
  • What are the foundational things you would recommend having in place before anything design related is purchased for a website?
  • Do you have anything you could share perhaps with how the With Grace and Gold brand has learned the power of a brand voice over the years in your own business?
  • How can a creative develop and refine their brand voice? Do you believe that words can make or break or website experience?
  • For With Grace and Gold, how did you come to know who your target audience is? What do you see creatives struggling with when it comes to knowing who their brand is speaking to? Do you encourage your design clients to walk through any process that helps them clarify who their ideal client is?


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