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Be a Guest on The Confident Momcast

April 30, 2019

Thank you so much for your love and support over the recent announcement of The Confident Momcast! I am so excited for this new venture, and for all of the valuable content that it will add here for you!

I am working hard on getting all the details in place, but I wanted to share that I have an official application form to be a guest on the show, as well as some guidelines as to what I am looking for.

Some of the topics that I am looking to chat about The Confident Momcast include:

– The role & value of a doula in your birth experience
– The role & value of a midwife in your birth experience 
– Doctor vs Midwife- how to choose the best fit for you 
– Tips for preparing mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally for birth 
– Pregnancy and Postpartum health & nutrition 
– Tips for healing and feeling strong postpartum
– Breastfeeding
– Books to read during pregnancy and why 
– A great hospital birth experience 
– A great home birth experience 
– A great experience at a birthing center 
– How to create your birth plan 
– Adjusting to life at home with a newborn 
– Introducing siblings to a new baby 
– Birth Photography
– Adoption and bringing home a newborn that you didn’t give birth to 
– Relaxation and Focus Techniques for Birth 
– The Epidural- what is it and is it right for you?
– How to prepare your husband for birth and postpartum
– Hypnobirthing 
– Postpartum care preparation

You can visit this page here to learn more about what I am looking for, and to apply to be a guest. I am looking for moms and baby & birth experts to share their experiences and knowledge as we have fearless conversations about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum for new and expecting Moms.

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