Episode 06 | Systems and Automation in Your Business with Créme Brands | Tiffany Farley

Episode 06 | Systems and Automation in Your Business with Créme Brands

February 11, 2019

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Systems and Automation in Your Business with Créme Brands on the Tiffany Farley Podcast


In today’s episode of the Tiffany Farley podcast, I chat with Kathryn Joachim of Créme Brands. Kathryn is an incredibly talented brand designer for creatives and wedding professionals. I have been following Kathryn’s exquisite work online for years now, and a couple of years ago I had the privilege of meeting her in person at the Creative at Heart Conference where we were both invited to speak. That weekend I got to know the heart behind Créme Brands, and she is s delightful as a person as she seems on social media! She is so generous with her knowledge and always serving her creative audience with tips and strategies to help you work smarter and not harder. I was so thrilled that she agreed to join me on the podcast, and I know you will learn so much from her in this episode!

When I think of systems, I think of solutions. If I am feeling frustrated in my business and my work, it almost always comes down to things- either there is a lack of communication or a lack of system. I know for a fact that my own business is not perfectly organized- YET- and there are still areas that especially at the start of the year when I am taking time to really evaluate what did and didn’t work in the last 12 months so I can set myself up for success moving forward. There are areas of my business where I am pin-pointing as “Ok THIS needs a better system. Or THIS task always took more time than it should have taken.”

As a creative business owner, I am taking care of clients, managing invoices, keeping track of supplies, placing orders, keeping up with an online presence and everything that has to do with marketing in my business- I’m creating content and resources for other photographers, I am planning workshops and meeting with other photographers one on one to help them grow their brand, and I have a podcast now- I mean the list seriously goes on and on!!

So, without systems in place, I would not be able to tackle what is on my business plate and really work towards scaling my business to where I want it to be. I am ALWAYS looking for ways that I can work SMARTER and not harder in my business.

I am always asking myself- can I automate this somehow? How can I make this task that has to get done every single week more efficiently? Is there a better way? How can I be more productive so that the level of increase that I desire enhances all of my life- rather than swallow up my life?


– How have systems played a vital role in your business?
– What systems have you put in place that created room for significant growth in your business?
– What would you say are the top tools that you are using to create organization and automation in your business right now?
– What would be your best advice to the small business owner, the creative, the work from home mom-where do they start in going from feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, and burnt out- to implementing systems that make them feel more in control?


Branding for Creatives & Wedding Professionals: www.cremebrands.com
Instagram: @cremebrands
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Creme Brands on Tiffany Farley Podcast


Shanna Skidmore
Streak for managing your workflow in your Gmail Inbox
Tailwind for automating and scheduling your pins on Pinterest & Instagram scheduling
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Calendly for automating your meetings
Dubsado for client & project management
Honeybook for client project management (Save 50% off your subscription using our link!)
Planoly for Instagram Scheduling
Harvest for time tracking
Asana for workflow & project organization


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